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25 November 2019

Office fun

It was another typical day at the office, mid-morning, feeling horny, wishing hubby was home and not away for work. I sent hubby a txt to see how his day was going. Maybe 5 mins later I got his reply 'busy but pretty good.' We did our usual of sending each other a few msgs asking about each other’s days ...
29 August 2019

My wife returns...

It’s late and I’ve fallen asleep. I hear a noise at the front door as my wife returns home and the noise of her heels echo down the hallway as she makes her way to our bedroom. I open my eyes to see her walk in and begin removing her clothes. First her top, then her bra which releases her sexy breasts ...
22 July 2019

My hot wife.

We had arranged the night. My hot wife was going to visit him at his unit and then after spending some time with him she’d return to me. After chatting with him on RHP for some time we ensured he was the one we trusted.

My wife was getting ready for the night and she picked a tight dress that came ...
11 July 2019

Hotwife, The Lover, The Wild Cat

I met Aria, my gorgeous woman about a year ago.

We were both single at the time, and we had different priorities.

She did not want a relationship, any commitment or compromise in any way for anyone.

I wanted all of this.

We lived so far from each other and we never met before.

After ...
24 February 2019

Did that happen part 2

I stopped in awe of how my friend took my hubby's throbbing cock into her mouth and how his eyes were fixated on her. I took her clit back into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it at the same time,gently flicking it to tease her, she moaned and hubby leaned in to grab her breasts, her eyes opened ...
28 January 2019

First taste

Her and I had been friends for a few years, most of our conversations seated around everyday life and rarely about anything sexual.

Then something changed, i just saw her differently, her long dark hair, full lips and her seemingly submissive nature tweaked something in me.
I left it alone and never ...
20 January 2019

my girl decides to bare back my mate, so intense

My girl had just met my mate when they started getting hot in the back of my car. Passionate kissing followed by his fingers in her pants and she was soaking within minutes, far more excited by him than i’ve ever seen before. It’s clear the foreplay is great but they both want more, and watching them ...
02 January 2019

New beginings..

It was two years ago almost to the day we had first started swinging, It was going well, or so i had thought..

Jay suggested again that i go play alone with a friend we had played with together so many times..

I did love playing with him, but could not get my head around going alone and leaving ...
17 December 2018

Christmas festive Sex.

David and Jane had been clients for years, He travelled the interstate regularly, she was one hell of a beautiful sexy lady with wonderful set of 14D’s. I loved my visits with them especially talking to Jane. The thing is she knew all this and dressed accordingly. Every three months was a delight each ...
16 December 2018

Playmate weekend Pt1.

Finally the car is packed and we’re feeling excited as we pull out of the driveway. Just one stop and we’re off for a weekend away. I look at my beautiful wife in the passenger seat and put my hand on her leg. In the back we have all the essentials for a weekend away. Some nice champagne, plenty of snacks ...
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