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17 August 2019

Naughty Hubby

Drifting in and out of sleep in a cosy hotel room I could make out the sounds of footsteps and whispering, thinking it was the corridor I rolled over and tried to sleep. A warm hand found my naked body under the sheets and softly stroked my hip and up to my breasts. I didn't think anything of it,thinking ...
01 March 2019

A Rocking Good Night part 1

As everyone, our lives had been busy. My lady had been working so hard we had forgotten to have fun for a good month. I noticed a local music event with a well known rock star. So I organised three tickets, two for us and i invited our female bi play date.
On arrival we were perfectly seated near the ...
30 January 2019

Did that happen?

I had longed forever to succumb to my urges to be with another woman.
I discussed it briefly with a close friend while drinking, who admitted she too, had thought about trying it. Something inside me stirred, I was only bouncing thoughts off her and hadn't expected that reaction.

I looked up from ...
27 January 2019

The one that got away...

We had often spoke about having a threesome but never done anything about it... after all how does one organise a threesome? After doing a bit of online research it turns out these can be organised quite easily!

I decided to surprise my husband on an interstate trip away and placed an ad wanting ...
12 January 2016

The Polish Bombshell

OK to set the scene, it's summer in London, the year is 2004. I was in my early 20's, I had just arrived to the UK earlier that week after a year backpacking around South America and the USA.
The only person I knew in London was traveling in Croatia. But I knew that day was London Pride, last month ...
18 January 2013

The hottest female on female night ever !

We were up at the Whitsundays for a well earned holiday. We went to a club called Magnums which is always packed. It was a Saturday night. We were sitting at a table looking towards each other. We were only there 15mins when this stunning girl sat next to Michelle and starting chatting to all of us. ...
05 November 2012

Rachel and Sandy

Rachel and Sandy
Rachel slipped to her knees and basked in the glory of the bounty that lay out before her. Rachel’s eyes passed from the soft tan skin of Sandy inner thighs to her magnificent breasts in all there fullness. She moved forward stealthily sliding her nails up Sandy legs towards her ultimate ...
13 November 2010

Three girls and half a guy

She is restrained by silk scarves to the bed posts. Her eyes are covered with a scarf. There are several candles scattered around the room. She is laying there in silky lingerie. One girl starts kissing her neck moving around from one side to the other. She slowly works he way down kissing her shoulders ...
20 July 2003

Road trip for the girls

Joanne and Amanda drove into the Gold Coast just before dusk. Joanne's eyes were becoming weary and she was glad they were almost at their destination. They had looked forward to this holiday for quite sometime.
Joanne pulled up to the first motel with a vacancy sign. They got out of the car, stretched ...
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