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18 January 2020

MMF & Bi first time

I was mid 20's had just split up from a girlfriend, needed to Get out and mingle. Attending a local pub in inner suburbs of Sydney, enjoying the music and a couple of drinks when a couple I started chatting.

We discussed all types of subjects, having a laugh and really hit it off, after the music ...
14 December 2019

My best ever MFM experience

I was fairly new into the lifestyle when I started a blog on tumblr. I started posting my experiences and all the things I was curious about regarding this lifestyle and grew some really good following over time and few of those people became really good friends.

One day I got a message form this ...
15 October 2019

Spoiling my soon to be wife

We were planning on attending a sporting event in Sydney a couple of weeks before our wedding and were relatively new to the scene so thought we'd make the most of our time away to fulfill some fantasies.

I wanted a man to help me give my girl the time of her life.  2 men making her the centre of ...
17 August 2019

My first threesome

After reading the incredible story posted by plsusplsu and their first swinging experience, I was motivated to recount my first threesome with a gorgeous couple I met through RHP.

I had met B before when he was in another relationship. His partner at the time was only into giving oral, and she was ...
16 July 2019

Your birthday present

You wake up to rays of beautiful, soft sunlight streaming through your window, snuggled up under my arm, head against my chest.  As you come slowly awake you realise you aren't at home, but in a hotel room, and just as you come to that realisation there is movement behind you, and another hard body presses ...
06 June 2019

Kinky MMF

I had met this couple a few times now and we’d all become fairly comfortable with each other and how we play. This time we agreed we’d try and push some boundaries, her husband was bi-curious and I’m straight, but in the heat of the moment I can be flexible. I came to their house and the husband (I’ll ...
10 January 2019

Naughty wife

A husbands story!

So my wife and I had always been open minded with our sex life and enjoyed a handful of threesomes with women over the course of our relationship we decided to explore further and find a guy to join us ..we were looking for someone with  an easy going nature respectful of our relationship ...
12 December 2018

Journey to first bisexual threesome - Cont

This continues from my earlier story, this is a slightly embellished version (I added a leash and collar) of what happened ;)

The advert had yeilded good results, I must have posted it at just the right time because a few days later while I was at a party I recieved an alert that I had a new message ...
08 November 2018

Unexpected Pleasures part Two

After a few more drinks you suggest blindfolding me for some more fun.  Ive enjoyed the night so far so I agreed without too much hesitation.

After blindfolding me you kiss me passionately. Our tongues dancing wildly in each other’s mouths. Our hands all over each other.   Your lips move to my neck ...
05 November 2018

Theirs (Part 1)

I already knew I was going to go through with it. But I was nervous anyway.

I met them at a bar. The music was loud and the other people noisy enough that no one could hear our conversation. I could tell straight away they were happy with me. I’d sent them photos of myself. Face. Body. Cock. But ...
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