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29 August 2019

My wife returns...

It’s late and I’ve fallen asleep. I hear a noise at the front door as my wife returns home and the noise of her heels echo down the hallway as she makes her way to our bedroom. I open my eyes to see her walk in and begin removing her clothes. First her top, then her bra which releases her sexy breasts ...
17 August 2019

Naughty Hubby

Drifting in and out of sleep in a cosy hotel room I could make out the sounds of footsteps and whispering, thinking it was the corridor I rolled over and tried to sleep. A warm hand found my naked body under the sheets and softly stroked my hip and up to my breasts. I didn't think anything of it,thinking ...
11 July 2019

Hotwife, The Lover, The Wild Cat

I met Aria, my gorgeous woman about a year ago.

We were both single at the time, and we had different priorities.

She did not want a relationship, any commitment or compromise in any way for anyone.

I wanted all of this.

We lived so far from each other and we never met before.

After ...
30 June 2019

Erotica: The beat goes on

Kirsten was getting more and more nervous, without exactly knowing why. It was not her first nor her last quarterly meeting with the company’s top shareholders, and she could not reasonably put this unexpected inner unrest on the account of the recent merger they’d been going through, as the preliminary ...
29 June 2019

B Fulfills Ts Fantasy Part 2

A few weeks had gone by since I had played out my hubby's fantasy of me being with another man, we had spent countless nights reliving the moments I loved most about that I thought I would return the favour.

While T was at the gym, I invited Kasie over, the girl who popped in that night...we ...
18 June 2019

My Regards, A.

She had never done anything like this before. She wasn't sure if she would go through with it. Things were bad at home, but had it come to this?

A few hours before she had wandered across the street from her hotel to the bar and grill in search of something to eat, now she stared at herself in the ...
13 May 2019

Work Drinks Shenanigans

A few years back I was working for one of the larger Superannuation companies in the Sydney CBD. Every month we would have extravagant “team building drinks” nights in one of several city hotspots. I always liked attending these events, for the free drinks, dancing and eye candy of my fellow employees ...
19 March 2019

Business Class

She arrived in a flurry of activity; juggling a phone call, a too-heavy carry-on bag plus a duty free bag of clinking bottles. As she reached up to push the bags into the overhead locker, her black top rode up, stretching against the firm curves of her breasts, exposing her midriff and the soft, deep ...
07 February 2019

North QLD Car hire

We had been holidaying up north in Cairns and my husband had returned to Brisbane earlier that week for work. I stayed back with family and was leaving several days later.

I was running a little late for my flight back home and rushed into the Cairns car rental office as the attendant watched over ...
23 January 2019

Our first time

The first time we meet, we were both so shy and quiet. To be expected  as our spouses are at home. You were 100% not my type… sporty, spikey hair, covered in tatts, no formal education, two meters tall (ok, the height is totally my thing). You were perfect for what I wanted. Hot sex and lots of it.

You ...
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