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25 January 2020

Nothing even matters

Chapter 1

Cause nothing even matters

*Now the skies could fall,

not even if my boss should call.

The world it seems so very small,

"cause nothing even matters, at all " ... *

Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo

Everything about his profile picture screamed out to me... A single picture of a ...
06 January 2020

Stranger in the park

So I had been chatting with this guy online for awhile. He was a fly in worker so perfect for a toy to play with when hubby is busy with work. So after a few failed meetings - work life etc getting in the way - we made plans to meet the following Monday evening. I told hubby when he got home on the Friday ...
04 January 2020

The shirt

He hadn’t seen it coming as the shopping bag slammed into his knee. Damn it hurt, what the hell was in that bag, fucking bowling balls? It was crazy, people everywhere all looking for that bargain. Talk about a crush, suddenly coming to the sales to buy the shirt didn’t seem like such a good idea, but ...
10 December 2019

Remote Restaurant Part 2

Here’s the continuation of my story.

We gather our composure and walk towards our waitress. Standing either side of her our hands reach inside her tight white shirt as we tease her nipples. I watch as your hand replaces hers inside her pants. As you massage her clit I can hear how wet she is. You ...
22 November 2019

Meeting for the first time....

We’d never met, you and me. Not in person. But there was something there – an energy perhaps. The various conversations we had had, the pictures, the allure. Nothing happens by chance and now here we are, sitting across from each other in a restaurant bar surreptitiously eyeing each other over a red ...
23 October 2019

The Change Room

I walked into the change room, carrying my underwear.

She smiled sexily as she looked me up and down.  “Look at you.”

I was only wearing my black high heels and had only ever been topless in public before.  Walking around naked was liberating.  I was not the only girl without clothes in the room. ...
22 October 2019

Remote Restaurant

This is my first attempt at writing a fantasy so I hope it comes across well.
I pick you up at the scheduled time for a night which I’ve promised you’d never forget. You open the door to find me standing with a gift in hand for you. With excitement you unwrap the box to find a new remote control vibe. ...
07 October 2019

Sun, surf and sex

As she lay there in the secluded grassy knoll just out of the reach of the beachfront she could hear the waves crashing against the shore.

She loved knowing that only metres away people strolled past her secret spot, where she lay basking in the sun, with the beach breezes swaying the trees.

This ...
01 October 2019

The lady with the sport car

The evening was promising.

I had received during the afternoon a message from this very attractive woman. Curly blond hair, golden skin and perfectly shaped body, confirming a healthy lifestyle and certainly a few hours spent at the Gym.

We had decided to meet in one of the cosy bars in Brisbane. ...
22 September 2019

The scent of a lady. Part 1

It was a beautiful warm morning as I left my apartment to head down to the beach for a late morning swim on a lazy Sunday morning. As I headed out the door I heard the lift closing and just caught the glimpse of a silky smooth skin of a lady but I couldn't catch it in time.

After waiting for the ...
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