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05 May 2019

The sun & the water

She waited in their place. On the rug. The water dropping in the pond from the fountain. The ducks close by. The ravens in the tree above. The children playing in the park not far away. The cars driving past occasionally. The little hill in the grass meant they were mostly shielded from the road. The ...
10 April 2019

A Train Journey

The train stood like a sleeping serpent up to its belly on Platform 7; the trail of humans disgorging steadily from its stomach only to be replaced almost as quickly. The Shinashoa express was a gateway for commuters from the backwater farmland of the western delta into the surrounding cities and beyond, ...
19 March 2019

Business Class

She arrived in a flurry of activity; juggling a phone call, a too-heavy carry-on bag plus a duty free bag of clinking bottles. As she reached up to push the bags into the overhead locker, her black top rode up, stretching against the firm curves of her breasts, exposing her midriff and the soft, deep ...
11 March 2019

holly and a holy 3some

It was an interesting night, something was in the air, her mum had come over, and we had felt really sexual between us, but had to keep it PG. finally her mum had gone to bed, and that tension was released... we had started playing playing, my then girlfriend and I wanted to watch some porn and as we ...
25 February 2019

An extended appointment...

It was a busy Friday, almost time for my lunch break and he called me into his office. I knew he had a client, I saw her when she entered the building. Hair flowing. Long jacket. Heels.

I knocked before I entered. Peering around the door I see her laying on his desk. Blindfolded. And naked. His head ...
27 January 2019

The one that got away...

We had often spoke about having a threesome but never done anything about it... after all how does one organise a threesome? After doing a bit of online research it turns out these can be organised quite easily!

I decided to surprise my husband on an interstate trip away and placed an ad wanting ...
18 January 2019

Taken at the bar

The pub was crowded, the music was pumping and the lines at the bar were 4 deep. It was noisy with a live band performing in the corner, people were dancing and there was a great vibe in the air. I was feeling fantastic and having a great time with my girlfriends. We'd been to dinner and were now sitting ...
07 January 2019



Its late one night at a beautiful resort nobody around and most of the lights were already out. He was walking by the pool when he noticed a super hot chick looking very relaxed she had long hair beautiful fake tits, wide hips in a revealing string bikini and lying in a seductive pose over ...
05 January 2019

Night At The Cinema

I have seen you in your office working a few times now we have spoken and laughed about the way I flirt and tease, your now dressing in a way to make shore I notice what you are wearing. I leave two tickets on your desk (you have told me that your involved with someone) Sitting alone in a cinema and ...
21 December 2018

The Drive

It’s a beautiful day and you had suggested we just get in the car and go for a drive.Whenever  we drive anywhere you always rest your hand on my thigh as I drive.  As I glance across at you my heart skips a beat and my entire body ‘melts’.  I feel so comfortable with you.

As we continue along the ...
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