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25 January 2020

Nothing even matters

Chapter 1

Cause nothing even matters

*Now the skies could fall,

not even if my boss should call.

The world it seems so very small,

"cause nothing even matters, at all " ... *

Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo

Everything about his profile picture screamed out to me... A single picture of a ...
25 December 2019

The little death - le petit morte

The night approached and the scene was set, nerves ran through this normal man of steels body for he knew he was about to encounter a woman that mentally he knew was beyond his limits. She oozed that sensual prowess with a quiet confidence, but it radiated from her persona like a beacon in the night ...
22 December 2019

Sunday Morning Submission

I woke early this morning, feeling well rested, and looking forward to the day.  As I strolled to the shower I felt the familiar tentacles of desire subtly invade my pre frontal cortex.

This feeling grew as I ran my hands over my gym hardened body.  I closed my eyes and I was back to Friday night. ...
10 December 2019

Online friend

You send your new "online" friend your number, even though you know you shouldn't. You send him some pics and he loves them. He can't get enough of you! He tells you how hot you are and how hard he is. You ask for some pics back. He's fucking ripped with a MASSIVE and attractive cock. You can see he's ...
25 November 2019

Office fun

It was another typical day at the office, mid-morning, feeling horny, wishing hubby was home and not away for work. I sent hubby a txt to see how his day was going. Maybe 5 mins later I got his reply 'busy but pretty good.' We did our usual of sending each other a few msgs asking about each other’s days ...
15 November 2019

Finally we get the girl we have been longing for!

We have been longing for an intimate encounter with a woman for so long and finally our patience paid off with the most beautiful experience we could have ever hoped for.

We arrive first at a restaurant, we are sitting holding hands and full of excited energy, it’s not long before we see her walk ...
03 November 2019

Wife alone with our male playmate

We organised for a playdate for the wife with our male playmate. It was to be a mid week catch up during the evening. It was the first time the wife was going to play alone without me around to partake.

I was at work all afternoon, wondering how it was all going to pan out. After a few hours with ...
15 October 2019

Spoiling my soon to be wife

We were planning on attending a sporting event in Sydney a couple of weeks before our wedding and were relatively new to the scene so thought we'd make the most of our time away to fulfill some fantasies.

I wanted a man to help me give my girl the time of her life.  2 men making her the centre of ...
01 October 2019

The lady with the sport car

The evening was promising.

I had received during the afternoon a message from this very attractive woman. Curly blond hair, golden skin and perfectly shaped body, confirming a healthy lifestyle and certainly a few hours spent at the Gym.

We had decided to meet in one of the cosy bars in Brisbane. ...
22 September 2019

Studio Time

One of my hobbies is photography, I have some studio lights and a few props and love erotic photo shoots. The naked form of a lady as she transitions from cautious self-conscious posing to highly aroused is amazing to capture from behind the lens.

It was evening on a Saturday and I had invited a lady ...
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