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25 January 2020

Nothing even matters

Chapter 1

Cause nothing even matters

*Now the skies could fall,

not even if my boss should call.

The world it seems so very small,

"cause nothing even matters, at all " ... *

Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo

Everything about his profile picture screamed out to me... A single picture of a ...
30 December 2019

A gathering of like minds

There was a special understanding between Kate, Dean and I which allowed me to presume that the following arrangements would be acceptable and even moreso pleasurable to all.

We had been lovers for some time. Sharing Kate, allowing Dean to indulge his fantasies of watching Kate in many states ...
26 December 2019

The Dinner

Had just finished setting up my apartment, it was the first night I moved in. Set the new white sheets on my king size bed, filled the fridge with food, and alcohol.

Ordered the sushi and had a couple of white wine bottles stacked up.

After all was done I took a hot shower and was chillin on the ...
25 December 2019

The little death - le petit morte

The night approached and the scene was set, nerves ran through this normal man of steels body for he knew he was about to encounter a woman that mentally he knew was beyond his limits. She oozed that sensual prowess with a quiet confidence, but it radiated from her persona like a beacon in the night ...
12 December 2019

Her New Toy

As I get home from yet another long 12h day I put my stuff down and walk into the kitchen and give Ash a kiss while she makes dinner. She has a nice curvy body, full E cup boobs, light brown hair that hangs just below the shoulders but she likes to put it in a plait.

"I liked that video that you sent ...
01 December 2019

The nature of the neighbour

The pitter patter of rain on the roof above her hardened and eased, like a lover being teased. Almost, almost did the drum-beat of rain reach a crescendo pace, then like a wicked temptress the intensity would ease back until one could barely tell it was raining.

She loved the rain, it made her indescribably ...
28 October 2019

Good Advice

Every day when I go into work seeing Jenny brightens my day. She is this graceful, beautiful woman with this vibrant zest for life. We constantly flirt and enjoy the sexy interactions and humorous banter. Jenny is happily married and I respect that but I can’t help having a few hot thoughts bout her. ...
24 October 2019

Sexual Tension

I would like to start with the lips. Feel first a gentle kiss on my lips (mouth) that awakens a sleeping giant. Then taking each lip separately in yours creating pangs of lust to surge through my body raising my nipples and sending lovely shards of electricity to my clit and pussy. Then have you boldly ...
11 October 2019

The art of swooning

The bath was running, bubbles were forming, the candle was lit and the music was being adjusted.

Greeted with cheeky smile, a kiss, a compliment and a growing bulge.

I prepared the gin.

The sweet short dress was removed, as I was guided to the dining room table. Was it the book titled 'Hikes ...
26 September 2019

The Change Room

I walked into the change room, carrying my underwear.

She smiled sexily as she looked me up and down.  “Look at you.”

I was only wearing my black high heels and had only ever been topless in public before.  Walking around naked was liberating.  I was not the only girl without clothes in the room. ...
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