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30 December 2019

A gathering of like minds

There was a special understanding between Kate, Dean and I which allowed me to presume that the following arrangements would be acceptable and even moreso pleasurable to all.

We had been lovers for some time. Sharing Kate, allowing Dean to indulge his fantasies of watching Kate in many states ...
03 December 2019

Black Lace Part 2

With the hotel room as dark as the club it set the mood instantly to continue on our journey.

Kelly with her pussy still dripping from her prior encounter wasted no time in getting herself going again. She lay back on the bed, hitched up her skirt to reveal her black lace panties to the side, exposing ...
23 October 2019

The Change Room

I walked into the change room, carrying my underwear.

She smiled sexily as she looked me up and down.  “Look at you.”

I was only wearing my black high heels and had only ever been topless in public before.  Walking around naked was liberating.  I was not the only girl without clothes in the room. ...
08 September 2019

The Tenant - PART ONE

This story is true. Only names, places or other identifiers have been altered.
This one Friday evening I was at home sitting bored flicking through Netflix ready to go to bed. Then out of the corner of my eye I notice my phone flicker and buzz, as a text message popped up.

"What are you ...
16 August 2019

Black Lace Part 1: The Booth

We approached the booth where John and Elle were waiting with so much anticipation. The couple we were meeting for the first time looked as good in person as they did on their profile. I could tell by Kelly’s reaction that she was attracted to Elle right from the start.
The night was going brilliantly. ...
06 July 2019

First time swinger

My heart is pounding and my hands are sweaty as we reach the destination where we are about to meet a couple where i hope i can be comfortable and confident enough to have my first experience of a night filled with sexual playfulness.

Rob holds my hand tight and smiles at me before knocking on the ...
20 June 2019

Club 301 - The pole room

Lights from the mirror ball reflected in a scattered surreal spectrum from the polished pole in the middle of the room. The room was one of 5 social/play focal points within the club. Situated on the ground floor were the pole dancing stage, the sex swing bedroom and the pool room which is more of a ...
10 February 2019

I wish someone could teach me a thing or two

Our first foray into a Swingers club we were lead through the winding corridors heady with the anticipation of what would unfold. As the host took eve by the hand and lead her past the barred door of the kink room she piped innocently "I wish someone could teach me a thing of two about that".

The ...
07 December 2018

Let me taste my wife on your cock.

As the proverbial poster boy for heterosexuality I’d never really entertained the idea of being intimate with another man. I mean sure, I’d have no problems with brushing against other men during a group situation even to the point of feeling the friction of their balls on mine while giving a lucky lady ...
12 October 2018

True Story

A young couple drive up to a bush cafe for lunch. The café has an alternative vibe. The cafe is popular with ‘back to landers’ who’re escaping the rat race by hiding away in the magical scenery and privacy of the Australian subtropical hills of Northern New South Wales. Despite the lush rainforest and ...
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