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01 July 2016

If I Was Invited to Saphire's Boudoir..2016

I start by showing up at your door, with a bottle of wine and some flowers for you. You greet me, modestly dressed having returned from a day at work. I hope that you like my choices, as I am not a drinker by any means. While I wait in your lounge for you to put the flowers in water, I pop the cork and ...
01 July 2016

My Femme Force Office Authority 2016

My day starts the moment I wake up, out of a warm bed, silk nightie on I wander into the bathroom, my morning ritual about to begin.

I shower n shave any prickly areas, followed by a gentle toweling and then I moisturize my arms, belly, bottom, thighs, legs n feet.

A slow walk to my walk-in-wardrobe ...
22 December 2015

Watching My Wife

It has to be the most erotic thing ever.

Watching the woman you profess your love to every day be seduced by another man. Seeing her respond to his advances about to shatter vows promised on your wedding day. Witnessing them get naked and pressing their flesh against each other, their lips interlocked ...
20 August 2015

A Night At The Movies

It was late one night and we were walking in town, hand in hand just wandering aimlessly and talking about anything and nothing at the same time. We came across a movie theatre that was showing old black and white movies. We had nowhere else to be and nothing else to do so we bought two tickets for the ...
27 November 2014

A HotTransexual's Recurring Fantasy

I guess it all starts with me in a social setting. Maybe in my own home/a friends home/a cafes dining-lounge area ,the area is irrelevant..
The main constant is making eye contact with a random Nice guy across the room,the sort of man with clean hygiene,a lil older than me,nice casual threads and oozing ...
17 July 2011

A tasty time for a T-girl...mmm

A great night's sleep I just had....

I had a visit from a young man last night who I have been chatting with for about a year now, but as with a lot of these things it is all about timing, and last night the timing was perfect for both of us.  He text me out of the blue, and I had nothing planned. ...
02 April 2011

fun with tranny

i think lots of men secretly want to play with a tranny, and i have been no exception for a few years.  i also have the normal asian fetish as well...

i got curious enough to establish contact with a lovely shemale, lets call her ann, and she ticked both the above boxes, and ticked them well.  i didnt ...
04 September 2005

The first time as a woman was the best.....so far

I met a guy on an adult website.  We exchanged flirts a number of times before finally chatting online.  For years I have fantasised about other men and dressing up for them as a sexy woman.  I practised dressing in sexy lingerie  for years in the bathroom and loved every moment.  I had to take it one ...
28 July 2005

silent crossdressing

I love the feel of suspender straps across my butt and the feeling of a tight corset or suspenders about my waist.
I feel dressed for sex.
I once met a guy online and the same night he invited me over to get laid, I got dressed up in a white lacey outfit, just enough to hold my cock in, went over to ...
09 May 2004

unexpected turn of events.

It all started at a very busy public place, I was displaying the wares of my business earlier this year, and as usual had my full staff compliment present not to mention my partner and colleagues within my industry close by.

My industry primarily deals with ladies, during my business speil to a group ...
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