• Sky99

    Nov 05 2022

    I recently met up with mystictraveller. He immediately made me feel very welcome and safe . He was exactly what I thought after we had been chatting for a while before meeting . We had an amazing time together . And let me tell you girls I was very satisfied as he is a very considerate lover . I will be definitely catching up again . And can't wait till next time to explore more adventures.

  • Zippycactus

    Oct 30 2022

    I don't know the secret to happiness...... but pie has made me do a happy dance with a dick more than once

  • ShesHisHesHers

    Oct 23 2022

    We attended Fet Gala on Friday night and it was awesome the outfits the sexy ppls, can't wait for the next RHP Event

  • MrRightNoww

    Oct 09 2022

    First time delving into the RHP space and loving it!

  • Punas

    Sep 13 2022

    thank you for the movie pass. Orphan first kill - its a great movie

  • Churro

    Jul 23 2022

    Met lots of adventurous guy who introduced me to kinky plays

  • charlie99

    Jul 19 2022

    I’ve met some wonderful couples recently. Hours of getting to know each other :-)

  • MandEcouple

    Jul 10 2022

    Thank you RHP ! Who would think on a site that people are searching for fun ,would end up with their soulmate ???? We had been on RHP as singles both meeting people on a journey to meet each other so blessed ?? Now a couple looking for new adventures ????

  • Santa_and_Elle

    Jun 29 2022

    I want to reach out to Matt and the Mistress for being so welcoming on our first visit to Between Friends. We had an amazing time and can’t wait to get back.

  • Dancing_princess

    Jun 26 2022

    Had a wonderful time this past weekend with a group of guys I found through rhp. I posted an ad and from all the responses I sifted through I managed to find a really great group of guys to play out my gangbang fantasies ??

  • CheekyTazDevil

    Jun 19 2022

    Have met the most amazing Lady that I'd never thought possible, would like to thank RHP for the chance to get to know her through this site. I would also like to say that my life has now changed since this Gorgeous soul has entered mine, I am sad BUT Very happy to now delete my profile as I have been lucky enough to find a friend, a soul mate, my cheeky Sub, and my happy ever after. To anyone that joins RHP I'd like to let you know that YES you can find that one that completes you in every way. Good Luck my RHP community And here is the girl's 7.5 cent comment to above. After signing up to this site my intent was to find a bit of fun, something to get my mind off things and then I met CheekyTazDevil and all my plans went woosh out of the window. The person I met was me in a male version, I cannot say it any other way. I never in a million years thought that I could find such a beautiful, hot, sexy, loving guy on a site like this where the purpose was something completely different. And now I am madly in love having found my soulmate and because of him able to live all my fantasies that I never thought would ever become real. In summary...to anyone on there...don't ever give up to find the right one for you.... it is possible and it is real!!!!!!

  • BritGirl_BrisGuy

    Dec 08 2021

    Just like to thank Rob and everyone at the Christmas Provocative party for such an amazing night! Everyone was so polite and we both had so much fun.

  • oppositesattract

    Dec 06 2021

    We just want to thank countrybunnies for organising the drinks and the after party event on Friday nite. Everyone we met was so friendly and chatty, And later it was such a hoot at the afters. Mrs Opposite was totally in her element with all the crazy games and loud funny people. We seriously had the best night. We enjoyed making new friends. Thank you everyone x

  • PurePearl

    Nov 18 2021

    My first RHP date.. One in a thousand.. No such thing as coincidence.. fate was meant for PearlPure to meet your Pearl Beaded penis. Was a pleasure xxx

  • Dolphin25

    Nov 17 2021

    Came here hoping to find a Quinella but found my Trifecta and it’s so much better than I could’ve imagined!

  • Honeybabe

    Nov 14 2021

    Met such an amazing man last night we had a blast, can't wait until next time! Hope you all find what you are looking for, Happy hunting.

  • thedarkness

    Nov 08 2021

    To that one special lady. You know very well who you are! I'm looking forward to meeting you again. Whenever that can be. Fantastic kisser a dirty mind and passion I haven't seen in a long time. Hope next time it's more than the last. Always a harlequin!

  • charmingfella

    Oct 20 2021

    Met a lovely lady yesterday. She has been a contact on rhp for a while and it was really amazing to finally meet her yesterday. Thanks RHP for making this possible.

  • YouTarzanMeJane

    Jul 30 2021

    Thank you for the movie tickets!!

  • oppositesattract

    Jun 22 2021

    Patience and trust are finally paying off for us. Living in the country, work and family taking priority, and of course Covid, we find it hard to meet genuine couples. This year we have met some gorgeous people thru RHP. We like to have a connection to the people we meet. And are discreet and private because we live in a country town. This year we are meeting some wonderful people and enjoying their company very much x x x

  • Charmer4U

    Jun 20 2021

    Met a lovely lady on here and had the best possible foursome with 2 other friends. 2 guys and 2 females made it an amazing foursome. Lots of kissing, cuddling, pleasuring, pampering, caressing, massage and lots and lots of fucking.....thank you rhp...it was just wow......

  • Xperience_Counts

    Jun 16 2021

    I have met a few girls from here. They were friendly, open minded and experimental which made our Yoni sessions highly erotic.

  • Bllonde

    May 07 2021

    Hooked up with a guy on here who knew exactly what I wanted and I knew exactly what to give him! Was a great time had by both!

  • showmenow

    Apr 25 2021

    Thank you so much for the movie tickets. I love your competitions.

  • Andrea2021

    Apr 21 2021

    Thanks so much RHP for the movie tickets such a surprise to receive in the post. Hope to use them.

  • Mr6027

    Apr 18 2021

    Thank you RHP for giving me a platform to connect with like minded souls. Great experiences so far. Love the comfort of privacy and fun this platform offers.

  • VirginIllusion

    Apr 12 2021

    I met the man of my dreams on here. Thank god I replied to his message last year. He was the lucky last and I feel so blessed he has come into my life. Took us long enough to find each other, but we did eventually and I’ve learnt that age and timing of where you are in your life, doesn’t matter. When you find the one, you know and you don’t let go.

  • aussie1962

    Feb 24 2021

    I have met met this lovely girl on here and we are now a couple. We chat every day and we both love each other. thank you RHP..we have common things and we are going to get engaged.

  • lblfuncouple

    Jan 29 2021

    Met my husband on here and we're still going strong after nearly 15 years! Thanks RHP!??????

  • Charmer4U

    Jan 29 2021

    Thanks rhp. Met a lovely lady yesterday. 2021 has Def begun on a bang for me thanks to rhp. Loving the sexual journey on here.

  • realcpl4funBris

    Jan 28 2021

    We met a great guy on here this past weekend and it really added a lot of spice to our Date night. Definitely excited to play again!

  • AlexandSalma

    Jan 28 2021

    Thanks to RHP I have found my partner in crime.... we get to enjoy hot steamy sex as a couple and experience our sexual desires with no judgement... to add he is fucking hot and totally amaaaaaazing! ?? my Italian Stallion ????

  • meltmyheart38

    Jan 16 2021

    The first night I met a couple AND a single M and we all caught up together. It is amazing how much fun this app is and how everyone is on the same page. Refreshing x

  • SheFitAF

    Jan 13 2021

    Had my first meet up with a guy and had an AMAZING experience! Far exceeded my expectations. Can't wait to create a secret diary full of memories that I can only tell Dear Diary about!

  • Charmer4U

    Jan 10 2021

    Wow what an evening I had with a wonderful couple through rhp. It was an evening I won't forget my lifetime...

  • PickleRyan

    Jan 07 2021

    Bring on another year of meeting amazing new friends

  • RHPCountry

    Jan 03 2021

    We have had a wonderful year meeting some amazing people off RHP as well as running some events with some lovely party organisers. Love the new platform and design now too its great Hoping 2021 is a safer and better year for everyone on RHP!!

  • RHPCountry

    Jan 03 2021

    Thanks for the redhotpic win! We used the prize money for a romantic weekend away at a beautiful bnb. Thanks RHP!

  • custardapples

    Jan 01 2021

    Thanks RHP for the movie tickets. Think we will sit in the back row.xx

  • ThreesomeFun69

    Dec 15 2020

    Thanks RHP... Getting surprise movie tickets in the post makes a pleasant change from the usual deliveries... Now to put those tickets to good use ;)

  • naughtytintin

    Dec 12 2020

    Thanks for the movie tickets RHP!

  • tastytreat

    Dec 08 2020

    Woo hoo thanks RHP for the surprise in the mail, double pass to Happiest Season!

  • cheekychick3231

    Dec 07 2020

    Just want to say thanks for the movie tickets Redhotpie, I was so excited to receive the tickets!

  • Mr6027

    Dec 06 2020

    Love it when friends from RHP connect you to new people :)

  • tastytreat

    Nov 16 2020

    Hey thanks for the movie tickets was a great surprise!

  • hornycouple0055

    Oct 18 2020

    Wife and I are having a great time, RHP has been the best! We have met so many people - couples, single guys, single ladies...have fulfilled all our fantasies, loving it! We have had the best time and I have FWB, wife has a few too, thanks RHP!

  • ozzie41

    Oct 05 2020

    I have met this lovely girl on here, we had awesome fun and we are now friends and it is a ongoing thing. Thank you RHP.

  • TheBug81

    Oct 03 2020

    I have been on and off RHP for a few years and am very thankful for not only the amazing sexy times I have had with couples and singles but also the great friendships I have made along the way. Whether in Sydney or now Bowral can't wait for more friendships and hot times to be had!!!!

  • markdaisey111

    Oct 02 2020

    Gotta say...with the lockdown in Melbs going for so long, RHP has been invaluable!! Love you people, you know who you are!!

  • Zar8607

    Oct 01 2020

    Just wanted to say thank you so much RHP. Today I received my prize for the broken heart gallery movie! It has been a while since I won something... you are the best!

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