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4 In a Bed

True Story
4 in a Bed
After my fun night with 5 of us in one bed , Ken was keen to make a date for the 4 of us to get
together as I had fucked his wife Sue , but he had not fucked mine , we arranged a play night , it
took some time to arrange as the last encounter was just before Covit so about 2 years later , we
arranged a night that worked for all of us , Sue and l were both excited on the day we knew they
were coming, Ken and Molly arrived and we invited them into our home , hugs and kisses at the
door .
We settled down having some drinks and general chat about what’s been going on in both our lives
as our last encounter 2 years earlier. I made the suggestion we get started , as we all knew the
purpose of the night to have some naughty fun , Molly got up straight away and said she wanted to
change into some lingerie and went off to the bed room , my wife had already got prepared before
they came and had put on suspenders stockings , crotchless nickers , sexy bra to support her D size
boobs and a see through slip over the top , Ken and my wife moved into the lounge room and sat on
the lounge , I got some drink refills for all of us and then Molly came out in sexy crotchless nickers
and very sexy bra berley covering her massive, at a guess 36 D just about prefect breasts , I
thought wow she looked so hot and that I would be having sex with this gorgeous lady very soon .
Ken and my wife had already started, and playing on the lounge and Molly and l stood there she had
a big smile on her face enjoying the show in front of us watching her husband playing with my wife.
Ken was playing with one of Sue’s breasts with one hand and sucking on the other , I put the drinks
down and walked up to Molly and stood behind her as she was still watching her husband with my
wife , I put my hands around her and started playing with her wonderful breasts and slowly pulled
her bra down so both her breast where exposed and started running both my hands over them , she
put her hand behind her on my crutch and said her and Shazz where undressed but Ken and I
weren’t , I did the fastest strip of my life and Ken did also .
I ran one hand down to her pussy and the other on her lovely round Ass l was playing with her pussy
and she was playing with my hard cock, l took her hand and led her to the bed room.
Molly pushed me on to the bed , lying there on my back Molly gave me a very passionate kiss and
then lightly pinched both my nipples and asked did l like that , to witch l said yes , she then took my
hard cock into her lovely mouth and slowly at first worked her way all the way down and kept this
lovely motion going for a few minutes, l was lying there and loving it, she then sat on top of me and
started riding my cock and it felt so good and l was not going to be able to hold back for much
longer and, so l stopped her and said l wanted to taste her pussy , we changed positions and quickly
slide down between her legs and wasted no time starting my feast on her pussy , it was so good and
tasted so nice , it was not long and Molly was pumping her hips up and down against my tongue, she
got even faster and harder and started moaning softly and she pulled my head hard against her
pussy and I could feel her tense up and let a moan of pleasure and l could feel her orgasm against
my mouth on her pussy , such a great buzz .
While this was going on Ken and my wife had also moved onto the bed with us and I looked over and
Ken also had his face buried in my wife’s pussy and by the look on her face was enjoying it
immensely. Ken them moved on top of her and was fucking my wife, it was so hot him fucking my
wife next to me ,,, but l was about to fuck his wife so I them moved up and side my even harder
cock deep into Molly’s wet pussy, she pulled her knees up and spread her legs wide,
Molly started pumping her pussy hard against me, she then gave me this wonderful naughty smile
that said she was enjoying it she then pulled me towards her and wanted me to kiss her, we locked
lips and tongue as we fucked harder and harder, l could feel her start to tension up again and feel
she was organising , I did my best to hold back but could not hold back any longer and loaded my
cum into her pussy ,it felt so good ,, l kept siding my cock in and out of her lovely pussy for as long
as l could as it felt so nice , Sue and Ken had finished and left the room just before , we laid there for
a while kissing as l slowly ran over her naked body. We then got up and joined Ken and my wife back
in the lounge and refilled our drinks the four of us sitting the near naked just chatting away like
normal as if nothing had happened with absolutely no jealousy, and that we had just fucked each
other’s partners.
It was a great night, what a great life ,, can’t wait till next time ,,,,


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