Hidden talents

I spent over a decade in the distant shores of the land of the rising sun. The world moves at a different pace there, the hustle and bustle of day to day life often restricts most from truly indulgening in pleasure... Or so I first thought.

It was not until I had my feet out the door before I discovered the deep, dark and delightful underbelly of the city street of Tokyo. High rise buildings filled with offices actually hid tiny bubbles of pleasure. It was in one of these that I met a short, balding, middle-aged man who for his sake I'll call "Brad" who told me that a way to a woman's heart was with some tactfully used fingers. At first, like anyone reading this I scoffed to think that could be the case.

After frequenting the tiny one floor members only bar for a few days I began to notice that all the women who entered when they saw Brad would immediately walk over and ask for a servicing. It's not fair to judge people on looks but Brad was not the kind of person you would expect to be 'pulling in the chicks' but sure enough he was easily the most popular man around.

After seeing this happen time after time I tried to strike up as many conversations with Brad as possible. He would tell me about rhythm and tempo, beats and brushes, timing and textures, and the list went on and on. The man had it down to an art form. Each woman who came in was sculpted like clay and he needed not to add water as they provided more than enough for him to work with. In many cases excess amounts of water, if anyone has ever been to the Bellagio in Las Vegas you may want to save some room on your camera roll for the performances he produced.

So it was with this new enlightenment that I returned to the dusty shores of Australia, I assumed the power and wisdom he granted upon me was something that only the samurai and geisha of the world appreciated and perhaps my new skillset would go to waste. I was wrong, as it appears sushi, tempura and teriyaki aren't the only things we need to bring to Australia as a new norm, the teachings of Brad are in desperate need of being applied here in Australia. It is with his blessings I now intend to apply these hidden talents on these shores and, to this point I have ensured the women I encounter flow like the waters of a Japanese hot spring.

So it is in this post, I thank Brad. A wisdom bestowed upon me, and that to which I wish more to know, foreplay is not to be taken lightly, the subtlety of touches and tickles are just as, if not more important than when you unsheath your sword, time spent down below should be as tender and thoughtful as the time spent walking through cherry blossoms, and most importantly if she has not come then it is your duty not to go.