Man 49yrs

Hotwife fantasy

I come home and it's all quiet. I go looking for you, walking into the bedroom I find you on your back, legs spread wide as a guy is sliding his cock in and out of your wet pussy. You see me but are enjoying it too much to say anything and enjoying way too much to even think about stopping. You close your eyes then look back at me almost in a trance like state.

You eye me up and down as he keeps pumping into you. Finally you speak and tell me to show you my Dick. I undo my pants and you are happy to see I am hard from watching. Between moans you tell me to stroke it as you start cumming. You close your eyes, moaning, pulling him into you trying to get all you can from the wave of pleasure engulfing you.

He keeps sliding in and out of you gradually quickening as another orgasm erupts within you. You encourage him to cum in you, grabbing his ass and wriggling your pussy around his hard cock. He pumps more urgently, your excitement builds knowing what's about to happen. One last look my way, my dick oozing precum, then your eyes close, his balls tightening, his cock twitching then suddenly he grunts deeply. Cum shoots deep in you. Stream after stream fills you as you have your biggest orgasm yet.

As things calm down you look over to me still jerking. Do you leave me to cum over the floor or do you invite me over to take his place in you?


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  • Subaquatic69

    Change it from a fantasy to reality….

  • Cunninglinguist1

    Love this, so hot

  • I_Am_Just_Me

    Invite you over of course!

  • Asianhotwife

    Nice 😉

  • KinkyKoupleSex

    That is Hot 💦

  • SexySandS

    Very hot 🔥

  • Sydcpl4fun

    Hotwife means great life..i love it.

  • meanwhile

    Yeah that’s hot, I often fantasies about having the wife fucked

  • Mr_Man5580

    I turned up at my (now) ex's door just after she cheated on me. Still naked. Body warm. We didn't say anything. But I knew what she'd done (and she knew I knew). We fucked hard and I came harder than I ever have.

  • kyelovesange69

    Yep.,.. love you ☺️♥️♥️

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