Man 26yrs

Husband let me have his wife alone.

I gift a story to every girl who I meet with all bits of details. So, this story is true, and girl gave me permission to share it with others.

I was talking to you and your husband for about a month, your husband was excited for me to have you. You decided to invite me to a hotel while your husband was not there, you waited for me outside the hotel. I noticed you from far away and you were busy on your phone texting me that you are nervous. You were wearing a surgical mask, navy blue dress, I came closer and said, “Sarah?”, you replied, “You found me.”. I couldn’t hear what you said after that as I was glazing in your beautiful blue eyes.

We walked into the hotel, and both were just talking nervously about random things like trains, traffic, and parking. We entered the room talking, you removed your shoes while talking about what part makes you nervous about meeting like this. I asked you to sit with me on bed and I held your hand and placed it on my chest to show you how fast my heart is pounding, I was also nervous and that is normal. You kept talking, I was smiling and pretended that I was listening to you, but the fact was that I was completely distracted by your eyes that were trying not to make eye contact with me.

I gently moved your hair back, started feeling your neck with my fingertips. I came closer to you and placed my lips on yours while holding your face in my both hands. You responded with passionate kiss, explained how desperately you were waiting for this. I moved my lips back for a second and said, “I guess this is the only way to make you stop talking”. You replied, “That can…”, I started kissing you again and didn’t let you finish your sentence. I give you a gentle push to lay you down on bed. I sat on your thighs with my legs on each side, my hands were holding your face, we kissed passionately.

My right hand moved down to your neck and slowly came down to your boobs. I pressed your soft boobs and kept going down to your thighs. We were still kissing; I cuddled on thighs and opened them to be in between your legs. We were so out of breath and hearts were pounding again but for different reason this time. I started kissing your neck, you took a deep breath and your legs squeezed me in them.

I kept kissing your neck and shoulder, slowly moved lips down to your thighs and observed you were breathing heavily. I lifted your dress up and kept kissing your body. Now your dress was just below your boobs, and I was kissing you belly while you were cuddling in my hairs. I held your arms and make you sit, I undressed you, glazed at your bra that was matching your panties indicated that you came prepared for this time. I wrapped you in my arms and kissed you while unhooked your bra, we fell on the bed again kissing passionately. I was sitting between your wide-open legs and kissed your neck, shoulder and boobs over bra, you said, “it’s easy to remove now.”

I gentle removed bra uncovering your boobs. I grasped your boobs while kissing and licking your tits. I sat down and undressed myself while you asked, “Is there anything I can do for you” and I replied,” you are already doing it”. You sat down and started stroking my cock with your hand. I looked at your soft tiny hand giving it a stroke, I was rock hard at that point. I opened your legs and I and laying in between them, kissing your belly, thighs. I touched your panties, and they were wet. I took them off, felt the skin of your pussy, it was silk smooth and again I realised that you planned this ahead.

I rubbed your clit with right hand and kissed your thighs. Then I bite your left thigh, you flinched. I laid on your side and kissing you again, rubbed your pussy and spreading your juice all over the clit. Licked your hard tits and let my finger guide the way in your tight hole. It was very wet, tight, and warm like a virgin girl. As I moved finger back and forth, you moaned and couldn’t keep your legs still. You started stoking my cock which made me feel the urge to put this inside you quickly. Your body kept shivering; your strokes were getting faster as I was fingering you faster. I stopped for a second and asked you. “Do you want me to go in?”

You giggled and replied, “I think you are already in.”

I replied, “You have a point”.

I sat between your legs, and I placed my cock head against your tight hole, saw the hole stretching with head going in. Once hole was stretched, I pushed the cock in. I will never forget your combination of moaning and exhale so deeply that I could see your chest squeezing like completely going in. I slowly moved back and forth; I noticed your left hand is on your face which I later realise that you keep your left hand on your forehead when having pleasure. As you were stretched now, I lifted your both knees to your chest and kept going in until my balls touched your pussy lips. As I pushed further in, I poked your cervix and you flinched there.

I asked, “are you hurt?”

You didn’t let me finish and responded, “Its ok, keep going”.

I knew this position can hurt you, so I opened your legs and kept the missionary position. You were breathing heavily, with each stroke in your tight pussy, I felt your warm breath on my neck. I felt your tight nipples rubbing my chest. You were passionately holding me from my back while we were kissing lips, neck, and shoulder. I was holding your shoulder, pulled down and stroked hard and fast. I told you that I think I am about to cum and you smiled. I kept going faster and faster. You pussy was so tight that I couldn’t hold it much longer. Your pussy was grasping my cock and I had no control over it. I took my cock out and you smiled looking at it.

You sat in front of me with your legs open, holding my soft cock, rubbed it softly. You noticed my freshly groomed skin around the cock and appreciated it. We talked for few minutes, and you started talking dirty with seductive expressions, my cock got hard again.

You said, “well, that worked.”

I was going to slide my cock in, but you said, “let me return the favour” and mentioned that you are used to it being on top as your husband is lazy.

I laid on my back with hard cock and you sat on my thighs. You were kissing me, boobs hanged on my chest and ticked me. I placed my cock on your hole, you sat on it and took it right in. I moaned while you were jumping on my cock. It was my time to relax and feel you, I felt your warm pussy grasping my cock, your hairs were touching my chest, and I was shivering with pleasure. I firmly hugged you, laid you down on my chest, holding your butt cheeks with both hands. I moved my hips up and down to work my cock in and out of your pussy. Your face was on my shoulder, you’re moaning to that made me harder.

We were again in missionary position. I held both your hands, pulled toward me, moved cock back and forth so fast that you were not even been able to breathe.

I took the break and you said “well, that was new”.

I was so tired, took my cock out and felt your cum covering the condom.

You said, “I barely did anything but still out of breath”.

We stayed on the bed naked for almost an hour and had very amazing conversations. I was touching your body all the time, belly, boobs, pussy, hips, and backbone. I had amazing time, we were dressed now, I thought we might never see each other again so I kissed your lips while holding your hips, then I left. Exactly after one week, here you are naked again, sitting on my lap, reading this story while I am playing with your clit.


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  • Naughty99

    3 months ago

    She didn't read the last word of story outloud. She said, "I see what did did there." And she kissed me then. ❤️ It was sweet moment.

  • DeliciousDelilah

    3 months ago

    Very sweet you got to see her again just a week later. There’s nothing better than a live lovers reading! The ending made me smile for you both. 😊

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