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  • Face Fucker

    "I want you to understand that I'm not expecting anything more than this. But if there's something else, ...


    Posted on: October 03 2022

  • Bait and Switch

    Slowly, she lowered herself onto my fingers. A lava heat suffused me as she slowly picked up rhythm, ...


    Posted on: August 23 2022

  • His Story

    The continuation of "Her Story" from his perspective... I'm entranced by your movements, your fingers ...


    Posted on: August 10 2022

  • A night that could be

    He waits, butterflies jumping around in his stomach as the clock ticks closer to her arrival. They haven't ...


    Posted on: August 09 2022

  • Fun in the garden

    Fresh from your shower you join me in the backyard. You are wearing a robe and carrying a towel. Your ...


    Posted on: August 03 2022

  • Fucking on the lounge

    This happened one night with on old flame. We had been together only for a short time, still in the honeymoon ...


    Posted on: August 02 2022

  • A poem for her

    As we write poems Inside of her with our fingers Our story began With her orgasmic screams We ...

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    Posted on: August 01 2022

  • School Reunion

    It was going on 30 years for this school reunion, and leading up to the night I was engaged in some flirtatious ...


    Posted on: July 31 2022

  • Wrote this story in Lockdown

    What else are we going to do in lockdown? We have just done some planting in your patio area, a bit dirty, ...


    Posted on: June 15 2022

  • Finger lickin good

    My head is still buried deep in to your neck as my orgasm subsides. Your thigh, the very one I was grinding ...

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    Posted on: May 30 2022

  • Love or lust

    We are sitting on the couch having a normal conversation about nothing you are leaning into me, my arm ...


    Posted on: May 23 2022

  • Game Day

    DING! His phone chirped from the bedside table. He needn’t stop tying his tie to look to see who the ...


    Posted on: May 13 2022

  • The Big Move (Fictional Story)

    I could see right down her top as I squatted down to grab hold of my end of the lounge. With the loose ...


    Posted on: April 29 2022

  • The Beginning

    Biting my lip for the millionth time that day I stared blindly at his thick cock, his wet with precum ...


    Posted on: April 16 2022

  • Uncontrollable (Fictional Story)

    Frantic, that is the only way I can describe it. We were hungry for each other, we wanted to tear our ...


    Posted on: March 31 2022

  • Back Door Fantasy

    Hey it's me again looking to fulfil another fantasy of mine, this one I'm not sure I’ll be able to go ...


    Posted on: March 22 2022

  • The first step of control

    I know he was tired, but his body was telling me he wanted something. We laid in bed, my back up against ...

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    Posted on: February 15 2022

  • imaginings

    in your bathroom, revealed like a promise as mist clears on the mirror you touch your shoulder there my ...

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    Posted on: January 26 2022

  • She pleasured herself for his pleasure.

    He sat casually in his leather lounge chair with his eyes fixed on her. She knew what he wanted, he was ...


    Posted on: January 21 2022

  • Suzi ... a private dance

    This was my first time in a strip club, I’d always been too scared to go into them before. I’d seen them ...

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    Posted on: January 02 2022

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