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My First VDP experience

I was wet with anticipation at the thought of what tonight was going to bring. My husband Mark was showering in readiness  for the arrival of Micheal who we had met previously on RHP. He looked and smelled amazing as the soap lathered and ran over his hard sexy body. God I love that man. My thoughts were broken by a knock at the door. Leaving this delicious sight I went to open it. There stood Micheal as handsome and horny as I remembered him. I greeted him with a passionate kiss lolling my tounge around inside his mouth and rubbing his now hard cock through his jeans. We both heard the shower shut off and walked into the kitchen where I made the three of us a drink. Mark walked out with just his towel wrapped around his waist. He always looked so sexy with water still running  over his rock hard chest.
The men greeted each other with a handshake and a quick conversation all the while all I could think about was their rock hard cocks inside of me. Mark, seeing the look of total lust on my face smiled and dropped his towel. I could not wait another second to have him in my mouth. I dropped to my knees and took his now hard and throbbing cock into my throat. I heard his moan of pleasure as I looked up with a greedy smile and sly wink. I turned to see that Micheal had removed his beautiful cock from his jeans and was slowly rubbing his shaft as he watched.
“ your turn” I growled hungrily as I took his hardness in my hand and began to run my open mouth over his shaft.
I was in heaven. Two beautiful cocks just for me.
I proceeded to take first Micheals and then Marks cock one after the other into my mouth. Running my tounge and lips up and down their rock hard shafts in turn. My now super wet pussy dripping onto the kitchen floor.
It was Micheals turn to have my mouth around his cock taking it deep into my throat. As I looked up I now saw that Micheal had hubbys cock in  hand and was sucking his cock with greedy anticipation. Fuck!! Watching hubby with another man’s mouth around his hardness nearly made me cum then and there. I joined Micheal in pleasuring Mark  passing his cock to each other to be shared. Mark then bent forward at the waist and took Micheals massive cock into his mouth while reaching down and inserting his fingers into my soaked pussy.
The sight of watching two men take turns of sucking each other sent my head into a spin. I took a step back and sat on the counter to watch with my legs apart and fingers pushing inside of me I quickly made myself squirt at the sheer deliciousness of this situation before me. Micheal, with hubbys  mouth still around his cock leaned in and lapped at my now soaking pussy cleaning every drop of cum.
Mark removed his mouth from Micheals shaft and turned his attention to me joining Micheal in the delicious wetness of my juices,  inserting two then three fingers inside of me, tickling at the very spot he knew would make me squirt again. My god, I didn’t just squirt I gushed all over Marks fingers and Micheals face soaking  him in my juices.
The look of desire on hubbys face said it all. I dropped seductively down from the bench and moved over to the rug on the floor both men following me first with their eyes and then with them themselves. I got down on all fours and waited impatiently for their cocks. And their cocks is exactly what o got. Micheal entered me from behind with ease as my pussy was so wet and so open. Mark brought his now rock hard cock to my mouth for me to taste. With Both cocks inside me I felt like a goddess. Micheal then lent over me from behind and took Marks cock greedily into his mouth pumping both me and hubby at the same time. I thought I would explode with such a sexy sight.
“I need you to fuck me too” I moaned on the brink of explosion.
With this Micheal layed down onto his back and I straddled his cock backwards in the reverse cowgirl position. I love the depth of fucking like this and I felt my juices ooze down his shaft Mark watching with a delicious smirk on his face. I took his cock into my mouth once more and enjoyed the pleasure it brought to his face.
“Join him” I pleaded as I continued to ride Micheals  cock with greedy abandonment. I layed my back onto Micheals stomach with his massive cock still inside me opening my legs so that hubby could see exactly what I wanted him to do. Without question or hesitation he pushed himself into me joining Michael’s cock inside my now open and sopping pussy. The three of us all groan in unison. The feeling of two hard and sexy men now filling me to capacity took me to another universe. All three of us pumping and writhing together produced an orgasm like nothing I had ever felt before making me squirt over both mens shafts I saw my juices splash onto Marks face but he took no notice pumping  me harder and faster, eyes closed in ecstasy, the feeling of his cock rubbing against another man’s cock inside me was bringing us all to a point of no return.
I heard Micheal groan “ oh my fucking god” from underneath me as both men continued to thrust themselves into me I felt Micheal spasm and heard him groan as he shot his load deep inside me. Mark felt it too as he let out a Vikings roar and thrust his cock for three or four more pumps his cum now mixing with another man’s  inside of me. My gush came hard and fast as it splashed over the two mens cocks and chests.  The three of us all cumming in unison was like nothing else on earth. Mark rolled over onto his back and as Micheals now spent cock slipped out of me I stood over both men and let all of our juices mingled together run out onto their naked chests.
“Oh my what a mess I’ve made of you both. I guess I should really help you to clean that”  I cheekily exclaimed as I bent to lap at the sexy mess we had all created but that as they say is the beginning of a different story.


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  • Garyiskeen

    10 days ago

    I love DVP. It must be my favourite

  • youngbifellow

    1 month ago

    Absolutely hot, and beautifully written too!

  • HungMicheal6999

    1 month ago

    And what a night it was!! I can validate that this story is in fact true. Can’t wait to make more stories with this hot sexy couple. 🔥💦

  • MrUnicornSydney

    1 month ago

    Sooooo sexy 🥳🥳🥳

  • HumanTouch

    1 month ago

    That’s my favourite story so far 💦

  • Flirtyqwerty

    1 month ago

    Lucky micheal!

  • newcouple1986

    1 month ago

    Would love to share

  • TinkerTailor

    1 month ago

    Certainly a fav here too!!

  • BiMuffinNCream

    1 month ago

    That was an intense story that had me hard reading it and my wife wanting to try it!!

  • TheMinx

    1 month ago

    Delicious, Devine and double the fun 😈 All I want for Christmas is a bi guy 😋

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