Woman 33yrs

One, two, three.

There was a new girl at work, very extroverted and the complete opposite to our quiet professional team. She was closer to my age than anyone else, I was only 18 at the time. She befriended me quickly and we got to chatting about men early on in our discussions, we went out for lunch each day together and talked about what we liked or preferred. We had the same sarcastic humour and our subject matter continued to fall into the gutter…

I hadn’t been one to have many nights out clubbing even tho I was almost 19, so jumped at the opportunity, she suggested we go out dancing on Friday night.

We headed to her place after work, her fiancé was home, an ex army vet, shaven head about 6’1, and very fit. And omg amazing melt my insides smile. We chatted while she got ready, conversation flowed effortlessly, we all headed to the bottle-o to grab some pre drinks, in his sports car, he tapped my arse lightly as he put his seat forward so I could climb in the back, an instant grin formed on my face, shit, I hope he didn’t notice. I pulled my skirt down trying not reveal myself even tho my knees were higher than my hips in the backseat. I saw him keep checking me out in the rear view mirror, no, he was probably just trying to see what’s behind him…

I refused to eat anything for dinner, I was in the midst of my eating is cheating phase. I wanted to let loose completely tonight. She kissed her fiancé goodbye and we headed out about 8/830pm into Northbridge. It was a girl's night after all.

We started with pubs, bumping into friends of hers, and my sister's friends at one stage.

As it got later and later we started hitting the clubs, it was pretty evident we were both naturally flirty, shots and drinks were put in front of us, she looked at me and I looked at her as she ran her fingers down my shoulder all the way to my arse, then lightly spanked me.

We both laughed and headed straight back into the thick of the dancing, against each other we played up to those watching us, cheering us on as we touched each other to the music playing. The beat of the music matching the throb of my clit. With my hand around her neck as I grinded against her we leant into each other and kissed, her lips pressing against mine, I could taste her lip gloss and the last drink she had. My cheeks flushed as the men around us wanted in on our moment. She took my hand and dragged me outside. She lit a cigarette and we shared it, I didn’t smoke, but when in Rome…

We had security look at us stumbling over each other and both had a feeling we wouldn’t be let back in without a challenge so we decided to grab a taxi and head back to her place.

We held each other’s hand as we sped towards her apartment. No words were exchanged.

We stumbled up the stairs and made it to the front door. She knocked as we waited for her fiancé to answer the door. As I heard the door unlock I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me, kissing her deeply as he opened the door…

I bit my lip at the look of surprise on his face staring at me. She pushed him back inside and dragged me by my hand. He gave out a deep chuckle and they exchanged a knowing look. He sat on the lounge as she sat down next to him. She started kissing him passionately, I realised I was still standing, she motioned for me to come over as he patted the lounge next to him for me to sit down.

My adrenaline kicked in as she leant over him to kiss me, I kissed her back, her lips tasted sweet and so so soft. As she sat back she started rubbing his cock through his pants. He turned towards me and I naturally leant in to kiss him, my clit bursting to be touched. Instead we took his pants off and started taking turns to suck his cock and kiss him. As our intensity increased he took us both by our hands and laid us down on the bed next to each other, he undressed us and encouraged us to play together, I sucked her nipples as he started going down on her. Her moans were unlike my own but I knew those facial expressions, I got up not wanting to witness their play. I pushed him aside as I lowered myself onto my knees I looked into her eyes as I lowered my lips to her inner thighs, kissing slowly before flicking her clit softly with my tongue…

She arched her back and that’s when I found myself suddenly back on the bed, on my back, his cock thrusting into my drenched pussy breaking my seal with glorious force. I couldn’t stop myself I wanted more, more, more. He stopped. And started fucking her next to me, I was completely breathless longing to feel his cock inside me again. She looked at me and we smiled and laughed. It was like he could sense my pining for him, as he entered me again I reached down to play with my clit soft circling my hood until I couldn’t hold it back any longer, I climaxed as he pulled out and came inside her.

I picked myself up off their bed and retreated to the lounge to crash out.

They were fucking again and I watched from the couch, biting my lip, wishing I was beneath him.

I got an hour or two of sleep before I woke and of course, instantly reminded of what had just transpired, my body wanted more.

I tried to walk quietly to the bathroom, but the floorboards creaked. I heard him grab a glass of water off their bedside table. He was awake. She was still fast asleep next to him in bed. When I got back to the lounge he motioned for me to come into bed, he made room for me next to him… not between them. I slid under the blanket against his hot body my head on his shoulder and my hand on his chest, he kissed me and asked me if I wanted more? I whispered "we shouldn’t."

I bit my lip and instead slid further under the blanket down his bare body to his hard cock, how could I deny him, when he so clearly wanted me? I enjoyed shocking him with my lips around his cock sucking him continually until he exploded inside my mouth, swallowing his cum I smirked, bit his nipple as I resurfaced from under the blanket, kissed his lips and snuck back to the lounge as she started to wake…


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