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The "me" time

Celeste’s amorous triangle has continued to grow in strength and stability in the past few months. It is simple and it works very well for all of us, unlike those dramas we are accustomed to see on TV series. She gets lots of attention and passion from both of us. The Mechanic enjoys spending time with his favourite MILFy and I get to enjoy watching her being fucked by him and even join the party giving her lots of attention, great sex and constantly gathering material for new stories and scenarios, like the one in the following story.

One evening a few weeks ago, after having a very nice evening of passion with Celeste, The Mechanic and I sat in the backyard while she took a shower after a very hot sexual session. We drunk a beer and talked about how things felt good for all of us and began to discuss the possibility of different experiences and scenarios. I asked the young lad what fantasies he would like to experience, and he shared an impressive list that will certainly keep us entertained for a long time. Some of those included fucking Celeste in our kitchen island, with her wearing sexy outfits, as well some interesting outdoor excursions to have the thrill of experiencing sex in a secluded spot in nature.

“Well,” I said, "think about this as a white canvas in which we can paint anything we want, and we certainly will."

Interestingly enough, and as a bonus, the Mechanic’s fantasies were in tune with our tastes as well. They did not include any form of unusual desires or fetishes. They were different ways of enjoying his MILFy, with respect but with passion, instead of hardcore 50 shades of grey. While we enjoy the freedom of choice when it comes to sexual experiences and pleasures, BDSM has not emerged as something we wish to explore, at least for now. Many plans and dreams came to the surface in those few minutes while drinking our beers and smoking our cigarettes waiting for Celeste to rejoin us on that fresh winter evening in our backyard.

After discussing the Mechanic’s fantasies he turned the conversation towards my thoughts. “What about you?”, he asked “what would you like to do?”

“I have a few ideas”, I replied, “and I am sure we will tick them all from our list, but, right now there is something that I really hope we can do at some point: I would like that one day, when I am at work, you come over and have fun with Celeste”.

He loved the idea and, with his great ability to express a lot in a few words, he limited himself to say “that would be so hot!”

As we finished our drinks Celeste walked into the backyard all freshened up and radiant, ready to continue our fun night. However, just as she walked towards us I looked at him and said, “no worries, leave it with me” and we directed the attention to our hot MILFy for the rest of the evening.

It turned out that we didn’t have to wait long for that fantasy to take place. A few days after that night I was lucky to find work again. My first thought, after a great sense of relief for finding a new job was to contact the Mechanic to set up our plan, which didn’t take much to organise. After a few exchanges of messages we agreed that I would go to work the following Saturday morning and he would come over to visit Celeste for a pleasant fun day. However, there was a condition: He would have to leave before I came back home. I concluded the arrangements by telling Celeste that her new boyfriend would come to visit his hot MILFY while I was at work and that she was expected to be a good girl for him. Furthermore, she would have to tell me every detail, sensation, emotion, and feeling so I could write this story.

She opened her eyes widely and hesitated about such arrangement. It was one thing to do it together as a threesome but something like this was different. She had never done anything like that before and never even thought about finding herself in that situation. However, after a short while, the idea started to sink in, and she began to feel curious about it. “Don’t worry too much babe, you know that if you are not interested, or don’t like the idea, you can always message him and cancel it for another time. Anyway, you still have a few days to decide what to do. No pressure.” I said.

I deliberately avoided discussing the issue in the next few days and waited for her to feel comfortable with the upcoming event, and it worked. As the day for her date drew closer, Celeste really got excited about it and began to plan it with her new boyfriend. They exchanged messages and teased each other throughout the week until the long-awaited Saturday arrived.

That morning I kissed Celeste before leaving and asked her to relax and enjoy her new adventure. She was nervous and excited at the same time, not knowing what to expect. However, she was ready for it. After days of texting and teasing each other, the Mechanic and his MILFy were eager to meet up for a fun day without me, and I was as equally excited. Before starting my car, I texted him to let him know the coast was clear and that he had the floor. I then began my drive to work with a big smile in my face, already wondering how the hot duo would enjoy their first date.

As I have expected, it was great. (At this point it is necessary for me to introduce a bracket and mention that, for those of you with great eye for continuity, it is obvious that the following part of the story came to me days later, after talking to Celeste and asking her recollection of the events).

Shortly after I left, she rushed to our bedroom to dress up in her cute outfit. She has discussed this with her new boyfriend throughout the week and they both decided she would wear the cute, sexy outfit we had bought for her: a naughty Weed nurse costume for our moments of fun. The outfit consisted of a white and green silky G-string, a matching colour bra with a white and very short miniskirt. The bra has a Marijuana leaf on each breast, as does the G-string and a face mask with a white cross with green edges in it. Celeste took a few pictures and sent them to her new boyfriend and me. She looked stunning with her gorgeous red hair, red lipstick, and cheeky eyes. I remember already being at work when I got her picture and having an instant erection. The party was on its way and it was looking really good. MILFy was out to play.  

After carefully preparing her outfit Celeste prepared herself to greet The Mechanic. She felt nervous as this was a whole new experience for her. She have never considered the idea of meeting another guy by herself while I was at work, having my blessing to enjoy and explore her sexuality with our friend, which made her felt empowered. It was a step deeper down the rabbit hole, as she usually likes to say.

She lit scented candles around the house to make the place inviting and sensual. For a moment she felt turned on about the thought of me returning from work to find them. However, that, as much as she wanted it, was not part of the plan. This time she would just fuck him and savour the experience without distractions. This put a lot of things at stake and generated a few questions. Firstly, would he be good enough to please her on his own, and most importantly, handle her desire, passion and lust? Secondly, would she be able to go ahead with it? Or would she simply walk away from the experience cancelling the whole thing?


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