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With the new changes to forums coming in recently, we’ve compiled a list describing what types of threads and content each of the forum boards and sub-categories will include. Users are given the opportunity to categorise their thread before posting, however if we feel that it is better suited to a different forum board/sub-category, we may reclassify it for you. As well as the boards listed below, you’ll find that each state still has their own little niche divided into the sub-categories of ‘Hot Topics’ and ‘Fetish & Fantasy.‘

Hot Topics

Hot Topics Home

The ‘home’ category for ‘Hot Topics’ where topics ranging from relationship issues, fitness, health and just-for-fun topics can be found.

Newbies & Newbie Questions

For those that have just recently joined RedHotPie, this sub-category provides an area where newbies can ask other members questions about topics including the site and its features, swinging, site etiquette, and social events.

Profile Clinic, Tips & Advice

Have you always wanted to know what other members think about your profile and ask for ways that it could be improved? This sub- category provides the platform for you (and all other members) to do just that. Other members can give tips and advice on ways to improve your profile, or give their opinion on what your profile says about you and what you are after. Topics on photos, written content, messaging and RHP etiquette can be found here.

Dating, Meeting & RHP'ers

First meets, social events, RedHotPie matters and swinger’s club discussions are the kinds of issues that you’ll find discussed in this sub-category. As well as that, issues in dating and relationships are discussed here. Stuck on a great idea for a first date or what you should wear to a particular club or event? Never fear, other RedHotPie members are more than happy to give you some advice!

Just Sex

This sub-category is pretty self-explanatory. Anything sex-related can be found here. One-on-one, swinging, threesomes/foursomes/moresomes, sexual health issues, phone sex, masturbation..the list just goes and on and on. If you want to get better educated on all things sex, get some advice from other members or simply listen to stories from other members, this is the place to be.

Off Topic

Politics and current events are the main topics that are discussed in this sub-category, however you’ll find a wide variety of topics here, from sex education issues in schools to marriage equality laws being mulled over here. Topics that don’t seem to fit into any other sub-category will fit in nicely here.

Girls Ask

For women who would like to get advice/feedback/discussion on a topic that is aimed at all members (or a specific ‘group’ of people besides other women) this is the board to be at. The topics can range widely from sexual matters to current social issues. Any members (male, female, couple, transgender) can read these topics and reply, however only female members may start a topic in this board.

Guys Ask

This board is similar to the ‘Girls Ask’ forum, however it’s the place where the guys can ask their questions intended for any or all members. Again, only male members may post in this board, however any members can access and reply in this board.

Couples' Corner

This board is for discussion of topics that relate to couples, whether it be swinging, relationship issues, places for couples to hang out and meet, or questions about meeting and playing with other couples. A wide range of topics are discussed here, but they all share the common theme of being written by/about/for couples. Anyone may post a topic, comment and contribute to this board.

Fetish & Fantasy

All different sexual fetishes are discussed in this board, with common fetishes having their own sub- category. It is also an area where sexual fantasies can be discussed. All members have the ability to post a topic and contribute to discussions here.

Fetish & Fantasy Home

opics that are fetish and fantasy related but do not have their own sub- category (for example topics on foot fetishes, gangbangs, bukkake etc.) are posted in the ‘Fetish & Fantasy Home’ category.


This sub- category is for topics related to BDSM i.e. Bondage & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism. All users can contribute and topics may include questions from those that are curious on trying, the different terminology and questions around different aspects of BDSM, as well as the ‘rules’ around BDSM play.

Role Play

Topics that discuss role play, which is where people take on the role of and traits of a particular person - for example, a scenario involving a plumber and a lonely housewife - are found here. It contains topics about different suggestions for role plays, topics that ask other members for their opinions on role playing and discussion about role play from those that have tried it.


Members that are interested in dogging – i.e. engaging in sexual activity in a public place whilst others watch, or watching others engage in sexual activity in a public place - whether they have tried it or not, can post in this sub- category. It includes discussions from members that are interested in dogging and topics on whether other members are interested in dogging.


Cuckolding is when a man is made to watch his partner engage in sexual activity with another man or men. This is a popular sexual fetish, and this sub- category is where members that are interested in cuckolding, want to learn more about what it is, or those that have already tried it can post. LGBT LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. This board is made for all members to post topics about sexuality, including what defines the different ‘labels.’ All members have the ability to post in and contribute to this board, regardless of their gender and sexual orientation.

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